Orientation, Interview and Training of Volunteers: You will be scheduled for an Orientation session when this signup sheet is processed. After orientation, you will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator, who will conduct an informal interview as to the service(s) for which you wish to volunteer. Your questions will be answered, and you will be scheduled for training for the service(s) you choose.

Confidentiality: A primary concern for Neighbors 4 Neighbors volunteers must be the confidentiality and privacy of all member information; personal information must not be discussed with anyone other than those volunteers who are acting in a supervisory position and are asked for guidance on handling unusual or difficult situations. Details of a service call may be used for training purposes, but without revealing names, addresses, or other identifying information.

Policies and Procedures: As a volunteer, you have the responsibility to review and understand all the Policies and Procedures relevant to your program and the general policies of Neighbors 4 Neighbors. Along with your Orientation materials, you will be provided a website location, user ID and password for accessing all of N4N’s Policies and Procedures.

Safety Considerations: You have the responsibility to alert and discuss with your team leader any situation that you feel may endanger your own health, safety or welfare, or the health, safety or welfare of a member you encounter in the course of providing Neighbors 4 Neighbors services.

Insurance: The Desert Village Initiative carries insurance that covers all its volunteers as well as the SCPD Homeowners’ Association.

Retirement/Resignation: Should you decide to terminate your volunteer activity with Neighbors 4 Neighbors, any materials and notes that you may have regarding members you have been working with are to be returned to Neighbors 4 Neighbors.